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XL Pro Titanium Edition shares the same core as HomeTrex and has all the same core features. Titanium Edition is designed specifically for ease of use on a tablet. It is the best choice for inspectors who want to complete the report on-site. Of course, it can also be run on a Windows desktop, laptop or notebook.

Titanium Edition redefines inspection report software. It has many features not usually found in home and commercial inspection report software. The best way to discover all its advanced features is to call for a free one-on-one demonstration.

Comparing HomeTrex, Heritage, and Titanium?

The main differences between Heritage or HomeTrex and Titanium are the Comments and Nomenclature Library and the ease of importing and trading custom templates. Titanium has the ability either to have the entire Library embedded within the Main Report Template or a Custom Template or have it detached. Libraries can be attached and detached at any time. Multiple Titanium report templates can share multiple Libraries. This gives Titanium unprecedented flexibility when designing a wide variety of residential and commercial templates. The Comments and Nomenclature Library is always embedded in Heritage.

Heritage and HomeTrex have the ability to easily import custom report pages into any report template. Users can also easily share custom templates with other Heritage and HomeTrex users.  

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