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Shingle Gauge Two-Piece Set

Price: $32.00
Shingle Gauge Two-Piece Set 

This two-piece set is used to estimate the level of warranty for shingles. Learn more about shingle gauges by reading InterNACHI's article, Shingle Gauges for Property Inspectors

  • Includes a long "Before 2011" Shingle Gauge and a short "After 2011" Shingle Gauge
  • Includes a carabiner
  • Tool material: Stainless steel 
  • Made in the USA
The long "Before 2011" Shingle Gauge can only be used to estimate warranty levels for fiberglass asphalt 3-tab shingles installed before January 2011. The short "After 2011" Shingle Gauge can only be used to estimate the warranty level for 3-tab or laminated shingles installed after January 2011.