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Now That You've Had a Home Inspection Book

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InterNACHI's Home Maintenance Book, "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection"

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Give one to every client. InterNACHI's home maintenance book guides the reader through the systems of a typical house, how they work, how to maintain them and how to save energy.

Pricing and quantity options
Case of 40 books, $2.70/book ($108/case), plus $15 flat rate shipping (3-5 days in transit).
Case of 20 books, $2.70/book ($54/case), plus $13 flat rate shipping (2-3 days in transit).
One sample book, FREE, plus $5 shipping fee. ONLY ORDER ONE BOOK FOR THIS OPTION PLEASE.
Canadians Only! Case of 40 books, $2.70/book ($108/case), plus $15 flat rate FedEx Express air shipping (2-3 days in transit).


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3 Reasons to Use the Book



The book helps reduce liability.



Quadruple Your Inspection Business 

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Friendly to First-Time Home Buyers

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Free Customer Survey

Download the Free Client Satisfaction Survey that works with the book.


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Read what other inspectors are saying:

"I have been using the book ('Now That You've Had A Home Inspection') for over a year. I give each client a book with their report. In the past, I have used other booklets with my reports. Not only are the books less expensive but my clients like the information better. I have received very good feedback on the book, especially from my first-time home buyers. I perform 500-600 inspections a year and the price difference saves me thousands of dollars." -- Jim Krumm, Colorado's Best Home Inspections
"I use the 'Now That You've Had a Home Inspection' book with every home inspection. It is my standard operating procedure. It encourages my clients to take personal responsibility for their home. I want my clients to know that Darrell's Home Inspections has equipped them with what they need for confidence to move forward with their transaction and transition into new homeownership. This book, along with a warranty, helps with the value added benefits that we offer."  -- Darrell Freshour, Darrell's Home Inspections (Ohio)
"The book, 'Now that you've had a home inspection,' is an appreciated gift that adds value to my home inspection."  Sean Fogarty, Fogarty Home Inspection Services (Tennessee)
"Get your clients and agents to read this book. Have a contest, give a rebate -- whatever it takes. This book can save you time, headaches and money.  I was using one from a well-known home inspectors school before I bought this book. This one is far superior. Do yourself and your customers a favor. Get this book!"  Doug Corbridge, Premier Home Inspection (Montana)
"A few months ago, I received an email about the book, 'Now That You�ve Had a Home Inspection, and I thought I would get a few and see how my clients liked them. Well, I just received 60 more copies of the book. My clients love the book. I print my reports out on site and present the report to the clients in a 3-ring binder.  The book is already 3-hole-punched so it fits in the binder nicely. The book is full of information and helpful tips for homeowners.  I will keep including the books with my home inspection reports."  -- Frank G. Ross, Pillar to Post Home Inspections of SW Utah
"I consistently get clients who are very surprised at the quality of the book and the information it contains. I think it is a great resource for homeowners as a go-to book when they encounter a condition in and around the home and they just aren�t sure where to start.  This can help clear things up for them and allows them to proceed down the right path. Great value! Highly recommended."  -- Jerry Spicer, Sonoran Property Inspections (Arizona)

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