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Ideal SureTest® Circuit Analyzer

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Branch Circuit Analysis and Testing

Proper wiring is crucial to ensure safety and performance of Branch circuits. From a safety perspective, shock hazards and fires are mainly due to poor installation or failure of protective devices, such as GFCIs. From a performance perspective, electrical equipment and high-tech devices are found everywhere in residential and commercial buildings. They require reliable power to operate and function properly to ensure their longevity.

The SureTest Circuit Analyzer from IDEAL is a comprehensive branch circuit analyzer that allows you to “look behind the walls” to find wiring problems, saving you time and money while letting you get the job done with safety and confidence.
  •     True RMS
  •     Measures voltage drop under 12, 15 and 20-amp load
  •     Estimate current load on line
  •     Line voltage
  •     Peak voltage
  •     Frequency
  •     Ground impedance
  •     Hot and neutral conductor impedances
  •     Identifies proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles
  •     Identifies false (bootleg) grounds
  •     Verifies dedicated circuits (with 61-176 adapter)
  •     Tests GFCIs for proper operation
  •     Includes carrying case
  •     Includes 1-ft. extension cord
  •     2-year warranty

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