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HomeTrex Home and Commercial Inspection Report and Business System


HomeTrex is a featured packed premium home inspection report at a great price.  HomeTrex has many features usually only found in report software costing $1,000 or more.

HomeTrex has the tools that inspectors want and need most. Here are just a few of the features that make HomeTrex one of the fastest and easiest to use report writing systems ever:

  • Category Assignment Tool (CAT) Multipurpose Library editing and Report customization tool
  • An Unlimited number of photos can be inserted into your reports
  • Photos can be inserted almost anywhere in the report
  • Advanced Photo editing and annotation capabilities
  • Each page has both checkbox sections and text boxes for more detailed narratives. Photos and text can be combined in the text boxes
  • TCS - Total Control Summary
  • Massive Capacity Comments and Nomenclature Library that you can fill with your favorite custom comments
  • Spell checking
  • Lightning fast navigation
  • Flexible configuration using drop-downs
  • HomeTrex Control Panel makes all key commands available at all times
  • CLAW technology allows fast building of complex narratives in seconds
  • CAT technology for unprecedented customization capabilities
  • NO usage fees or hidden fees of any kind at any time!

    The BestInspectors.Net Professional Inspection Reports generate an unlimited number of PDF or paper reports. There are NO USAGE FEES or HIDDEN FEES.  Unlike other computer based systems, this report does not require special preprinted forms.  It is suitable for use in the field on a laptop, notebook, or tablet PC or or it can be printed in your office and completed in the field as a traditional paper report.  There are no subscription fees, per copy fees, or any hidden fees of any kind. The report is customizable with the inspector's name or company name.

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