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InterNACHI Narrative Library 1.7 for HIP: English/Spanish

Price: $159.99
Item Number: 0307

This product is a digital download, you must have Home Inspector Pro software to use it!


Copyright 2018,  Kenton Shepard

The largest, most comprehensive custom narrative library available anywhere. Now available as a dual-language template!

Over 7,000 English narratives professionally translated into Spanish! 

Click here to learn more about the English/Spanish narrative library

Both English and Spanish narratives are included in the report only if they are both selected, allowing the inspector to provide reports in either English, Spanish, or both.

HIP sample English/Spanish page

Sample screen from the HIP English/Spanish template

English in black font, Spanish in blue. Red font is Summary

Smaple report page from the HIP English/Spanish template
Black font is English, blue is spanish, and red is for summary items.

 InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library Content Copyright 2018 by Kenton Shepard.