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InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library for HomeGauge

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InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library for HomeGauge

***This product is a digital download, you must have HomeGauge to open it***

Download the entire 400,000-word library into your HomeGauge software in just a few minutes!

HomeGauge software is constructed in a format that allows this huge library of narratives to be stored in a hidden (Global List) library, while inspectors use a working template (Local List) of narratives that allows quick access to commonly-used narratives, while still having access to narratives needed only occasionally.

The HG format also allows access during the inspection to a great deal of reference information, including checklists, advisory information, and links to inspection and installation manuals.

To learn more about the the InterNACHI Narrative Library for HomeGauge
visit the HomeGauge page of the Narrative Library website

Installation Instructions!

Once you have downloaded the template, install it in the following location:
Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner or the Folder icon in the bottom toolbar
Double-click "Documents";
Double-click the HomeGauge folder;
Double-click the Templates folder;
Choose the template folder in which you would like to store the new Narrative Library template file;
Place the template in the folder by dragging and dropping it.
When you open the HomeGauge software, the template will waiting for you!

Save a Copy!

Once you have installed the template in the HomeGauge Template folder, make a copy that you can edit as you desire, saving the original template as a safety copy in case in the future you need to recover lost or deleted information.

InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library Content Copyright 2012-2015 by Kenton Shepard.
The narratives, HomeGauge narrative template and all content contained within them may not be used without permission from InterNACHI, Kenton Shepard and Inspector Outlet, LLC