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InterNACHI Inspection Narratives for Home Inspector Pro

Price: $129.99
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Manufacturer: Kenton Shepard
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Inspection Narratives for Home Inspector Pro
by Kenton Shepard

The world’s largest collection of dedicated, industry-savvy general home inspection narratives.

8,000-Narrative/300,000-word InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library

Now available as a digital download that includes a free Home Inspector Pro template version!
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***This product is a digital download, you must have Home Inspector Pro to open it***    

Available in the past only as a collection of MS Word documents, the InterNACHI Narrative Library CD, the world’s largest collection of home inspection narratives, is now available as a digital download that includes a free Home Inspector Pro template version!

 Import them right into Home Inspector Pro!

Written by Certified Master Inspector Kenton Shepard, these 8,000 narratives are based on:
  • direct inspection experience;
  • the
 International Residential Code (IRC);
  • the
 National Fire Protection Standards;
  • the InterNACHI Standards of Practice for Performing a General 
Home inspection;
  • existing narrative libraries;

  • technical data sheets;
  • manufacturers' specifications; and
  • building product installation manuals

These narratives are worded with safety and inspector liability in mind. Code is not quoted. These common narratives in both long and short versions let you choose your inspection report content.  They cover all the home systems and additionally include comprehensive sections on Swimming Pools & Spas, Log Homes, and Green Building.  

Kenton Shepard is also a producer for NACHI.TV, a course author for InterNACHI, and the author of the English/Spanish Jobsite Phrasebook.

Check out some sample narratives here!

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Opinions about the narratives


“These narratives give you a choice in how to say it, while working to protect you. This is the best narrative library available anywhere. Many thanks to Kenton for his years of work.”  
--Nick Gromicko, Founder of InterNACHI 

"Kenton: I avoided buying your collection of report narratives simply because I didn’t like the price.  That was a big mistake.  I finally gave in and spent the money and wanted to let you know I think this collection of report narratives is a masterwork that is well worth every penny.  Not only is this an invaluable tool for report writing, it is also a complete lesson in how to perform a thorough home inspection.  As a home inspector, I want to avoid reinventing the wheel and get right down to business, doing exceptional inspections and writing exceptional reports.  This tool will help me do exactly that.
Thanks for the grand effort!"

--Mike Murphy
, Mike Murphy Inspections

"I use the Nachi narratives and am really happy with them. I tweak every one of them to suit my needs and writing style. It the best one I have ever come across."
--Greg Mathias, Global Property Inspections, Lloydminster, AB

"I just received it last week and for one starting out, I would highly recommend it. Save you a lot of time coming up with your own narratives. As usual, Kenton did a great job.
And now they can be integrated with HIP."
--Marcel Cyr, Cyr Home and Commercial Property Inspections 


You must have Home Inspector Pro installed on your computer to download and open this file! Don't have it? Buy it here.

If you do not use or intend to use Home Inspector Pro inspection software, you can purchase the InterNACHI Narrative Library CD, which includes the entire library in MS Word format, by clicking here.

You may also purchase the InterNACHI Narrative Library instantly as a a digital download, which includes the entire library in MS Word format, by clicking here.

*After your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to download the digital files. There are two zipped files in the download that you will need to unzip before you install them into HIP by following the directions below.

Installing the narrative template file and files (they both go to the same Data folder):
1. Save the two files to your desktop
2. a.  (for Mac) Open “Applications”, then open the Home Inspector Pro folder
    b.  (for Windows) Windows stores HIP under c:\program files (x86)\home inspector pro\data
3. Inside you'll see 5 other folders. One of them will be named “Data”. Drag and drop both the InterNACHI Narrative Library template file and the HIP Document file into the Data folder.
4. The next time you open the Home Inspector Pro software program, when you click “Open Template” from the toolbar across the top, you'll see the InterNACHI Narrative Library listed there.  Choose it and click "Open".
You'll probably want to go through and delete some sections or narratives that don't apply. If you don't do Pools, Fire Doors, Log Homes, or Green Building you can delete those by clicking the “Edit Template” button in the toolbar at the top and editing what you see.

In Windows, you can open two copies of HIP side by side and easily copy/paste in bulk from the InterNACHI Narrative template into your own just the narratives you want.  

InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library Content Copyright 2012-2015 by Kenton Shepard.
The narratives, Home Inspector Pro narrative template and all content contained within them may not be used without permission from InterNACHI, Kenton Shepard and Inspector Outlet, LLC